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05.07.2016 19:57

The action “Share Kindness!” At Children’s Day, the families- volunteers with their children have visited the kids in the Bishkek Baby House. The central idea was to please, play and have fun together with the pupils of the house, to congratulate them with the gifts which were presented by our children (each child has given his toy). Previously, the necessary things for the children from Baby House have been picked: the means of hygiene,  toys and the developing games. Parents have written the scenario — fairy tales of puppet theater, have made the decorations and together with the children have made the dolls – the heroes of the fairy tale. The play has been performed by the actors aged from 7 till 9 years and the kids liked it very much. After the play, children have presented their toys to the kids, and the volunteers have held many interesting games.

спектакль в детском доме